Thanksgiving 2014

On this thanksgiving a sincere gratitude from a person that lost most of what it means to be human. With out going into the details of it all, Thanksgiving never meant more to me than this year. In the past it was never about the turkey, it was most about the 4 day weekend.

But this year is a reminder about what thanks actually means and why to never take it for granted.

Life is long when you are alone.
Life is about waiting for the sun to come up.
Life is about yearning for any and all conversations.
Life is about being scared of the next dinner alone.
Life is about occupying to not go insane.
Life is about not falling into the trap of pity.
Life is about loving the routine.
Life is about hating the routine.
Life is about hating Fridays.
Life is about loving Mondays.
Life is about wishing holidays away.
Life is about being petrified of dying alone.

But what the heck, life throws curveballs, but there is so much to be thankful for. I’ve learned that attitude and a healthy sense of humor will see me through a lot. I am so incredibly, indescribably fortunate to have the privilege of access to my kids periodically. Know that your kids are the only ones that you created that have your genes. Life takes on a meaning when you learn to be truly content in the moment. I have spent so much time this year being alone, that when I get a chance to interact with another human being, stranger, friend, kids – its enough. Just to be is enough, and I’m thankful for every minute I get, good, bad or ugly

But this past year has also given me gifts that I might not have received otherwise.

So what the heck., lets rewrite the rules.

Life is about running and occupying time.
Life is about enjoying the silence.
Life is about enjoying the noise of a conversation.
Life is about a daily adventure to find different food.
Life is about catching up on reading.
Life is about work.
Life is about finding support where you least expect.
Life is about gaining clarity on what matters and why.
Life is about being thankful for the constants in life.
Life is about knowing who counts in your life.

Kids are the only humans that you create that share your genes. Thats why be thankful to them for being part of your life no matter what.

So this thanksgiving I am truly thankful for so many things in life even if life seems to have nothing to thank for.


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